Der Rathskeller’s Homemade Sausages

German Style Gourmet Bratwurst - Only the choicest cuts of pork go into this
sausage making it the most famous bratwurst served at Der Rathskeller.

Polish Brand Sausage
This mildly spiced all pork sausage is made with
only the finest seasonings combined with  fresh onions and a hint of garlic.

Stuffed Gourmet Bratwurst
Same as our German Style Gourmet
Bratwurst but stuffed with freshly chopped  green peppers and onions.

Italian Sausage
Fresh ground pork, combined with our own mixture of seasonings
 will make everyone wonder  why the Germans didn’t invent Italian Sausage.

Pork Sausage Link
The leanest cuts of pork, mildly seasoned to perfection.

Klienwurst Brand
Fresh cuts of pork finely ground with special seasonings curled and held in
place with a wooden skewer.  This bratwurst is one of a kind and is becoming our most popular.

From Usinger’s of Milwaukee - Made Since 1880.

Thueringer Bratwurst
This finely ground link sausage has a distinctive white color
which comes from using only  choice young veal and pork.

Smoked Polish Bratwurst - Links of choice pork and beef, coarsely chopped and rich in flavor
with snappy spices.   The addition of garlic and a heavier smoke makes them very popular.

Frankfurters -
These link sausages are stuffed in natural casings to retain all the
wholesome goodness and flavor of the meat. Lean pork and beef, slowly smoked and cooked,
have made this sausage the family favorite of America.

Knackwurst -
This chubby link sausage is a finely ground blend of pork and beef with
just a touch of garlic.

Fresh Pork Links -
Pure, lean pork in a link - plumper than most - mildly seasoned.

Saucisschen -
Pure lean pork in a narrow casing, which is coiled and held in place by a wooden skewer.